Playing music in track order on the Samsung S5230 Star

I received this phone in order to test the Deutsche Bahn “Touch and Travel” system (the phone has NFC, and lets you buy tickets by touching little masts when you enter and leave various trains). By now, they figured out that not everyone will ever have NFC, and embraced QR codes in addition. Quite an expensive experiment. But in any case I have a free phone which I don’t actually need for calling anyone. I use it to take videos and photos when on the move, and I wanted to use it to listen to music (since I’m carrying it all the time anyway and my iPod was stolen in 2010, and the iRiver we had is a brick and has some weird power issues). Occasionally, I even buy a train or subway ticket.
Any music you put in the phone’s or SD card’s memory (up to 8GB is supported) will be indexed by the MP3 player. It uses the tagging information. But it ignores the track numbers. They are not and cannot be used to sort the music (as far as I could tell). The songs are sorted by alphabetical order. I generally listen to albums, so this was a real pain. The solution I found is a bit of workaround, but works. I use iTunesAgent to sync a selection of iTunes music to the phone. Then I use mp3tag (yes, it deals with MP4 tags aswell) to batch remove all Title Tags from all files. As iTunes names its files with the track number first, and (as you might expect), the phone is forced to use the filename instead of the Title Tag, I end up with tracks in track order. mp3tag can also batch rename files based on the tag information, so if your music isn’t named this way you should be able to fix that too. The only tiny disadvantage is that the name of the track includes a number when displayed.

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